Guide Wrap-Up

Chapter 1: Government Agencies and Environmental Regulations

Environment Regulations are overseen by Federal, State and Local Governments. Be sure to get informed regarding the laws and agencies applicable to your community.

Chapter 2: Public Participation in Government

Public participation through community participation, public hearings and public comments are essential to good environmental decisions and safe communities.

Chapter 3: Your Water

Water ways can be subject to a variety of pollutants. It is important to get involved in ensuring safe drinking water for you family and protecting clean water for the environment.

Chapter 4: Your Air

It is important to stay informed about your local air quality to protect your health. Make sure to support efforts to reduce air pollution including green house gas emissions and address climate change.

Chapter 5: Your Land

Be aware of potentially contaminated facilities and land in your area and support responsible restoration / remediation. Also be sure to properly dispose of your own household wastes.

Chapter 6: Emergency Preparedness

Identify and understand potential hazards in your area. Be prepared by having an appropriate emergency plan(s) and evacuation route.

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