Credits, Dedications, and Thanks


The Louisiana Citizens’ Guide to Environmental Engagement is dedicated to those LEAN family members who are no longer with us but who proudly committed their lives to solving Louisiana’s environmental problems for the safety of their families, betterment of their community and benefit of us all:

  • Ramona Stevens
  • Amos Favorite
  • Darnell Dunn
  • E.W. Pate
  • Scott Welch
  • Albertha Hasten
  • Dr. Griff Blakewood


  • Michael Orr
  • Paul Orr
  • Marylee Orr
  • Betsy Paille
  • Margaret Reams, Ph.D.
  • Wilma Subra
  • Maria Belen Toscano


  • Jeffrey Dubinsky
  • Julie Dermansky
  • William Fontenot

Graphics, Layout and Design:

  • Michael Orr
  • Paul Orr

This guidebook has been the result of a productive partnership between the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and the Louisiana State University Superfund Research Program.

LEAN would like to thank its Board of Directors: Cheryl Slavant, Kathy R. Wascom, Jerry Speir, Rose Jackson, Clarice Friloux, Frank Bonifay, Paul Ringo, and Tracy Kuhns as well as the countless individuals who have informed and supported LEAN’s work both past and present.

Special thanks to the planning committee, speakers and workshop leaders of the 2013 Response, Recovery and Resilience to Oil Spills and Environmental Disasters Symposium and Workshop:

  • Kim A. Anderson, Anna K. Harding, Steven G. O’Connell, and Lane Tidwell, Oregon State University Superfund Research Program
  • Barry Dellinger, Slawo Lomnicki, Elisabeth Mitran, and Margaret Reams, LSU Superfund Research Program
  • Nina S.N. Lam, Department of Environmental Sciences, LSU
  • Doug Daigle, Coordinator of the Louisiana Hypoxia Working Group, LSU
  • Wilma Subra, Subra Company & LEAN
  • Daniel Nguyen, Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation.
  • Marylee Orr, LEAN
  • John Lopez, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
  • Catherine Heitman, Heitman Communications
  • Tom Klei, Former Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, Louisiana State University
  • Tom Harris, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Jon Rauscher, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • A Hays Town, Jr., Baton Rouge Save our Water

A very special thanks to the communities throughout Louisiana who play the most important role in protecting our fragile environment and it’s inhabitants. May this guidebook be a valuable tool in helping you enjoy a safe and healthy life at home in Louisiana.