Interactive Online Tools and Databases

My Environment
My Environment is a search application that allows a user to explore environmental information based on location. Information includes AirQuality index, radon, UV index, water quality assessment, watersheds, streamflow, energy facilities, fuel costs, Superfund National Priorities List, and Brownfields, among many others.

EnviroMapper for Envirofacts
EnviroMapper is an interactive map that allows a user to add data layers similar to Google Maps. Layers include basic mapping tools such as roads, water bodies, and geographic boundaries, as well as environmental layers such as ozone non-attainment, impaired water bodies, chemical facilities, etc. Maps can then be printed or saved as PDF.

EJ View
EJView is also an interactive map that allows users to add data layers. Data layers for EJView include environmental justice topics such as EJ grant locations, health, demographics, and facility-level data.

EPA National Priorities List (NPL) Map
EPA NPL Map is an interactive map which contains points and information for all proposed, final, deleted, and considered National Priorities List sites.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
The ATSDR registry is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and includes an interactive map which contains points for all National Priorities List sites. Information for each site includes a list of contaminants and a link to information regarding each contaminant.

TOXMAP: Environmental Health e-Maps
TOXMAP is an interactive map maintained by the National Library of Medicine with the National Institute of Health. This map pulls data from the TOXNET family of databases which include information on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases inventory data and allows the user to relate it to US Census data such as demographics, income, and health data.

The National Map
The National Map, created by the US Geological Survey, allows users to create maps using various USGS tools and datasets for information on topography, land cover, land use, and other ecological information. USGS also provides printable, downloadable, and historical maps for free and for purchase.

Environmental Scorecard
Scorecard is sponsored by Good Guide (, a consumer product rating site featuring health, safety, and environmental information on over 250,000 products. Scorecard ranks communities based on toxic releases in air, water, underground injections, suspected carcinogens, suspected immunotoxicants, and many other categories. The scorecard also includes information about environmental justice, lead hazards, watershed pollution, and superfund sites.

NPL Superfund Footprint: Site, Population, and Environmental Characteristics MapperĀ
Created by the Columbia University NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP), the NPL Superfund footprint mapper was created to provide researchers, regulators, and the public with a mapping tool to help understand the characteristics of environmental and community concerns near Superfund sites. This tool allows users to explore environmental exposure risks for vulnerable populations and sensitive environmental areas.

AirNow is an online tool to inform you how polluted or clean your air is on a particular day. The Air Quality Index translates air quality data into easy-to-understand color-coded maps and provides related health impacts based on daily air quality.

Enviroflash is a notification system through AirNow where the user can sign up to receive alerts regarding air quality. You can elect to receive text messages, emails, or use the Enviroflash app based on daily forecasts and current conditions, or receive alerts when an action day is declared.

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